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About us


WePlanet Australia is an eco humanist organisation seeking to promote public policy that addresses a range of social and environmental issues including climate change, biodiversity loss and poverty.

We are part of the global WePlanet network, founded in Europe in 2022.

Meet some of the WePlaneteers taking action!


Treasurer / Co-Founder

My passion is policy development and ensuring policies have a positive influence on our beautiful world and societies. I was a member of the Greens for several years including running for both federal parliament and local government. There are scientific blindspots in the Green movement in Australia, such as in gene technology and nuclear energy. These weaken our ability to solve environmental and social challenges. That’s why I have led the founding of WePlanet Australia.


Secretary / Co-Founder

I believe in living in an environmentally conscious and ethical life. I strive to make sustainable and environmental personal choices in my daily life but see the need for wider societal change if we are to leave a legacy of a better world for future generations.



I am an optimist who believes there is still time to have a future where humanity and ecology thrive together. I have worked in university, industry and hospital pathology labs as a microbiologist; and more recently in public health. I ran as a candidate in the 2016, 2019 and 2022 federal elections as I couldn't otherwise see the evidence-informed policies I wanted in politics.



Dr. Ben Heard is a leading Australian analyst specialising in nuclear technology for climate change, energy, environmental restoration, and human well-being. His doctoral thesis explored integrating nuclear and renewable technologies for Australia's National Electricity Market, and he holds a Masters in Corporate Sustainability. With broad experience in land remediation, water reform, and forestry, Ben tackles diverse environmental and sustainability challenges.



​​WePlanet Australia is a member-driven not-for-profit association. We seek to promote public policy in line with our values, and to activate citizens in support of our work.

Our Structure​

WePlanet Australia is an incorporated association under Fair Trading Queensland.


There are no membership fees at this time. RePlanet Australia has three classes of membership:

  • Ordinary member: a voting member who can also hold an office bearer position, i.e treasurer, president.

  • Community member: a non-voting membership class open to members of the community who wish to be affiliated with RePlanet Australia but not take on administrative responsibilities.

  • Consultant member: a non-voting membership class open to professionals who wish to provide expertise and be affiliated with RePlanet Australia but not take on administrative responsibilities.

You can sign up as a Community Member here.


More details regarding Ordinary membership and Consultant membership are sent to Community Members on signup. Please also contact if you have any questions. 

Our Constitution

Read more, including our principles and values, in our constitution.

Our Organisers

President: Andrea Leong

Secretary: Riani Perrin

Treasurer: Tyrone D'Lisle

Meet us
Our Values
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