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WePlanet Australia is an ecohumanist organisation promoting public policy addressing a range of social and environmental issues including climate change, biodiversity loss and poverty.

We can liberate nature and elevate humanity.

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Cultured Quail FSANZ submission cover.jpg

February 2024

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) sought comment on the application to make cultured quail available as a novel food. We hope this is the first of many such applications!

November 2022

Nuclear energy contributes to global decarbonisation and prosperity. Australians deserve to have it seriously considered it as part of our energy mix. For that, the ban must be lifted.

RePlanet Australia Submission fuel efficiency standard.jpg

May 2023

In response to its consultation regarding fuel efficiency standards for vehicles, the Commonwealth announced a long overdue commitment to introducing such standards.

Native Forest Biomass submission cover.jpg

October 2022

Burning native trees should not be incentivised as part of a clean energy future. Our voices were heard; native forest biomass was excluded from the Renewable Energy Target.

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